Collaboration is Key

our passion

Multigaming & eSport

Come and join us for a game! We are an established gaming-community since 2004 and always up for a game. We provide gaming-servers for of the most recent games to bring the best experience for our friends and members.

Content Creating

We got a lot of talented people in our community for any kind of project. From „IT-Specialist“ to „Webdeveloper“ there is a lot of know-how rooted in the heart of COLLABOSTUDIO. Meet us to involve your skills in one of our projects!


At the moment we try to establish our main-stream with a lot of diffrent streamers. We want to build a nerd-universe for „lets-plays“, „hardware-reviews“ and a lot of other stuff on Twitch. More info in the future!

Community & You

Yes! It is about you! We need people like you to make possible what defines us! Collaboration is all about getting together and sharing ideas and resources. Feel free to join our Teamspeak3 if you want to get involved with us.

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